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The KOP Drug Platform is designed to treat cancer by targeting, blocking and silencing particular cancer genes with minimal side effects and preventing recurrences.

We anticipate the KOP-101 P Drug to successfully target many more tumor types but if necessary can streamline more drugs as stated below.

KOP Therapeutics, 404-815 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC Canada V6Z 2EL

Brian William Karam

In-House Counsel KOP Therapeutics

Mr. Brian William Karam has practiced law in Ottawa, Canada since 1973. From 1995 to 2015, the focus of his legal practice was large multi-family mortgage work, a portion of which involved difficult to structure social housing initiatives. Until the mid-1980’s he worked with First Nation artists and craft-persons. Thereafter he served for 5 years as President of CODE, a Canadian NGO, working to enhance literacy and education in the third world. He also developed the first fibre-to-the-door subdivision in the world, with formal live/work zoning that involved housing construction beginning 2005. He holds the USA and Canadian Patent on infrastructure for any Smart Building. He is also involved in the Hotel/Restaurant business and a longtime member of the charitable Dewaan Foundation. His philanthropy has focused on local hospitals and assisting immigrants to Canada to establish family operated businesses. Such latter efforts were formally recognized by a plaque presented to him by the Embassy of Lebanon. He has among other honours, received The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteerism and the United Way Community Builder Award.


Eric J. Mathur

Scientific Advisory Board Member
KOP Therapeutics

Eric Mathur currently serves Chief Executive Officer of Diomics and is focused on development and commercialization of a novel polymer with broad applications in diagnostics, forensics, nutraceutical and drug delivery marketplaces. His expertise and knowledge traverses’ genome sciences, molecular biology, environmental microbiology, plant-microbe interactions, metagenomics, enzyme & drug discovery, plant domestication and applied biotechnology.

Mathur’s career spans over 40 years in basic and applied biotechnology with focus on translational science. Eric entered the San Diego biotechnology arena early, in 1983 as founder of Stratagene, where he discovered and commercialized Pfu DNA polymerase, which is still a mainstay enzyme used in the PCR industry. After a nine years’ tenure, Mathur was recruited to become the first employee of Diversa Corporation, which later achieved the largest biotech IPO of the time, raising $200MM in 2001. At Diversa, Eric managed a large scientific team and multiple corporate collaborations with industrial partners including Syngenta, Dow Chemical and BASF. Following 14 years with Diversa, Mathur was recruited to start Craig Venter’s company, Synthetic Genomics where he led research efforts in microbial enhanced hydrocarbon recovery sponsored by BP; he also spearheaded the genome sequencing and annotation the oil palm genome for Genting Berhad; and established a platform for plant growth promoting bacteria which led to the spinout, Agradis and subsequent Monsanto acquisition.

Eric’s interests then turned to plant genomics and crop domestication; he worked as Chief Science Officer for several companies including Yulex Corporation and SG Biofuels, GreenKiss NY and Cultivation Technologies Inc., and most recently Tilt Holdings, where he applied modern genomic tools and plant molecular breeding methods to accelerate plant productivity. His work culminated in dramatic yield improvements in these two sustainable crops, Guayule for natural rubber production and Jatropha for biodiesel. In addition, Mathur’s team has made significant advances in Cannabis & Hemp and continues plant improvement activities with a number of organizations.

Eric Mathur is an internationally recognized speaker who authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications and is named inventor on 100+ issued patents. Eric’s passion lies in leveraging genome-based technologies to develop nutrient dense foods and therapeutic medicinals; Mathur is also an ardent supporter of sustainable agricultural and does his part to help secure global food & energy security, while minimizing the impact on our fragile environment.

Jakson Inwentash

Jakson Inwentash

Chief Business Development Officer & Director
KOP Therapeutics

Mr. Inwentash is a director and VP of Investments at ThreeD Capital, where he focuses on identifying, researching, and meeting with early stage companies in various disruptive industries. He is also a registered Dealer Representative and has a successful track record of raising capital in industries such as mining, battery recycling, organic food, high performance computing, biotechnology and blockchain. Mr. Inwentash has significant capital markets experience; he is an advisor and board member of several private and publicly listed companies.

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Catherine Mann

KOP Therapeutics
Advisory Board Member

Jeff Howlett photo

Jeff Howlett, BSc(Econ.)

KOP Therapeutics
Advisory Board Member
Head of Research

Jeff Howlett, BSC(Econ.) University of Pennsylvania

Mr. Howlett has a 35+ year history in research-based finance and independent research. His experience spans corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence assignments, business and strategic planning, , and royalty financing. Industry focus has primarily included a broad range of resource-related and technology sectors.

Dr. Emma S. Guns

KOP Therapeutics
Past Scientific Advisory Board Member
Dr Emma (Tomlinson) Guns, graduated from the University of Liverpool in Pharmacology/Chemistry and completed a PhD in steroid drug metabolism (1997). During the past two decades she built and sustained operation of the Analytical Mass Spectrometry Core facility at The Vancouver Prostate Centre to facilitate drug discovery research at the centre and her research lab as well as countless other scientists working in cancer research. Former member of the Faculty of Medicine at The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. As faculty in the Department of Urologic Sciences, she was a Senior Research Scientist at The Vancouver Prostate Centre having secured CFI funding to create a Pharmacology Core there in 2003. Within the past 5 years Dr. Guns sat on the clinical research ethics board (CREB) for UBC and VGH (Vancouver General Hospital) as well as numerous grant review panels for amongst others, the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), providing expertise in the pre-clinical evaluation of drugs for use in prostate and breast cancer. She has published more that 100 peer reviewed articles and secured millions of dollars in research funding.

Joyce Heinzerling Davis

New York University School of Law
KOP Therapeutics

Joyce Heinzerling Davis has extensive professional experience in the fields of law and corporate governance. In addition to KOP’s Board of Directors, Ms. Heinzerling Davis currently serves on the board of directors of the Value Line Funds, a $5B US mutual fund family.

Ms. Heinzerling Davis previously served from April 2009 – December 2020 as Managing Member of Meridian Fund Advisers LLC, a US regulatory consulting firm engaged in creative problem-solving and strategic thinking for US private equity funds and US and non-US hedge funds. Some of Meridian’s largest projects included creating private company board governance protocols and customized regulatory infrastructures. Prior thereto, from April 2000 to April 2008, Ms. Heinzerling Davis was the General Counsel and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Archery Capital LLC, a NY-based fund-of-funds. Her responsibilities also included co-managing Meridian’s private venture capital fund. Ms. Heinzerling started her career as a lawyer working as an in-house counsel for the investment fund groups at Ladenburg Thalmann and Lazard Freres, after which she spent fourteen years working in private practice for private equity, hedge fund, and venture capital funds at two private law firms – Kramer Levin and Shearman & Sterling. 

Ms. Heinzerling Davis is a graduate of NYU’s Graduate School of Law and has served on other corporate and non-profit boards and advisory boards. Ms. Heinzerling Davis frequently served as a panelist at industry conferences covering topics including regulatory developments and best practices for fund governance.

Marco Strub

KOP Therapeutics
Marco Strub, Masters Degree University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. Extensive experience in the private sector.

Marco Strub has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive in the financial services and consulting sectors. Since March 2003, Mr. Strub has been the Principal and Chief Executive Officer of Sircon AG, a portfolio management company based in Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to this, Mr. Strub served as a Partner of Exulta AG from 1997 to 2003. He has been an Independent Director of numerous private and publicly listed companies, including Triumph Gold Corp and ZincX Resources Corp, listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. Mr. Strub received a Master of Arts degree from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1982. and as a principal of Sircon AG, A consulting and investment research firm in Zurich, Switzerland. On Board of various publicly listed companies and acting as an independent director of Triumph Gold Corp. and ZincX.

Mark Redcliffe

VP & Director
KOP Therapeutics
MBA and CPA, CMA designation with 21 years experience in securities sector. Established ties with Canadian and International private equity firms, investment dealers, family offices and high net worth individuals. Successfully overseen more than 500 placements, initial public offerings and cross-border advisory mandates.

Ian Mann

Executive Chairman & Director
KOP Therapeutics

Bachelor of Arts, Honors Business Administration degree from University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. 2003-2019 President of Meridian Fund Managers Ltd, BVI registered fund manager with two alternative investment funds primarily investing in mining and oil and gas companies. Since 1997, served as non-executive director of three Canadian Exchange listed mining and oil companies, now merged into other entities and Grand Columbia Gold Ltd. Director of two AIM listed companies , President and CEO Squire Mining Ltd, 2011-2017, a CSE-listed early stage company.

Tibor Gajdics

President, CEO & Chairman
KOP Therapeutics

With over 40 years experience as an investment professional, Mr. Gajdics is a successful entrepreneur and founding director of several start-ups.  Tibor specializes in building shareholder value by taking early stage companies through to a thriving business. Improving lives through the advancement of medicine is demonstrated by his unflagging commitment to the commercialization of the KOP-101 Drug and providing new and innovative cancer treatment solutions. 

As the Founder, CEO & President of KOP Therapeutics, Tibor and his team successfully negotiated the acquisition of the exclusive worldwide license of the KOP Drug from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, in October 2019.  Jefferson Health is recognized for its record of Excellence in Healthcare with TJU Hospitals ranked among the top 10 in the world. Licensing technology from TJU provided KOP Therapeutics access to world experts in cancer biology, performing cutting edge research, as well as gaining early access to the technology at a significantly lower price.  Tibor has continued to expand the KOP Team with key investors, and world renowned researchers.

This team has enabled KOP Therapeutics, to advance the research from in- vitro validation to in-vivo validation with the Investigational New Drug Application FDA submission planned for 2024.


Dr. Eric Wickstrom

Professor of Biochemistry &
Molecular Biology,
Thomas Jefferson University
Eric Wickstrom, Ph.D., and his coworkers design genetic therapy agents to block cancer gene activity and restore immune cell attacks on cancer cells. Prof. Wickstrom and his coworkers also design nuclear medicine genetic probes to visualize the activity of cancer genes. Eric Wickstrom is a Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Prof. Wickstrom earned a Bachelor of Sciences with Honor in Biology from the California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, California, USA, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, California, USA. Prof. Wickstrom has published 133 research papers, 230 research abstracts, 48 reviews and chapters, 7 patents, and 2 books, on molecular design, nucleic acid structure, gene function, mRNA translation, protein structure, and cell biology. Federal and private organizations have awarded Prof. Wickstrom over US$18 million to support his investigations.

Dr. Mathew L Thakur

Professor of Radiology,
Radiation Oncology & Urology,
Thomas Jefferson University
Dr. Mathew Thakur is a Professor of Radiology, Radiation and Urology at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA. He is an active member of SKCC and the director of the Laboratoires of Radiopharmaceutical Research and Molecular Imaging. He obtained his MS and PhD degrees from the University London, England. He was a member of the scientific staff, Grade 1 at the Medical Research Council, Hammersmith Hospital, London, England and a Visiting professor at Washington University, St. Louis, MO. Before arriving at TJU, he then was Assoc. Prof. of Radiology at Yale University, Newhaven, CT. and Research Assoc. at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, NY.

The major thrust of his research is to develop radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of life-threatening diseases. He has published more than 500 original articles, review papers, book chapters, abstracts, and editorials. He has also published 4 books and translated his basic research into translational clinical applications. He has given more then 500 invited and named presentations in the USA and abroad, in academic institutions, industries, and at national and and international scientific gatherings. He holds 30 active and pending patents and serves on the editorial board for 24 journals. As a PI and a Co-PI, his research has always been funded by federal, foundational, and industrial grants. Currently, I hold three eINDs from the US FDA to perform translational clinical research. His extensive contributions to the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging are well recognized by his peers, for which he has received 13 national and international awards, including the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s highest honor, the Benedict Cassen award. He is a fellow of five prestigious professional organizations and has been elected as President of three international societies, including the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. During his career he has collaborated with many national and international institutions and been a close associate of Dr. Wickstrom for more than two decades.